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Comprehensive Wellness Programs

Fitness for Life provides a variety of consulting services to help your business experience the numerous benefits of workplace wellness. A well-designed, custom and motivational program can help your company create a culture of health and improve your bottom line. Starting with your culture assessment, Fitness for Life will identify what part of the wellness spectrum needs attention first. See more on specific types of programs with our Healthy Performance Options below.

Wellness Culture Assessment

Whether you’re just getting started or already have wellness programs in place, Fitness for Life will evaluate all the elements of your strategy utilizing health promotion best practices. This assessment provides specific suggestions to enhance your current efforts.

Employee Needs & Interest Survey

Doing wellness “with” and not “at” your employees is critical to a results-oriented program that engages your employees from the start. This service does just that, and says that their opinion and health really matters.

Employee Health Screenings

Capturing data on the status of employees’ health risk is an important step in designing effective health promotion programming. Depending on your needs and culture, company-wide screenings can be administered as an HRA (Health Risk Assessment) as well as a variety of group biometric and fitness screenings.

Wellness Operating Plan

Let us build the foundation of your program, by first assembling a wellness team, then developing a strategy that meets the needs and interests of your employees. This service will develop your operating plan with all the important elements for success.

Wellness Fair Design

If you’re interested in giving your employees one-stop-shopping for wellness awareness, a well-designed fair will attract maximum participation. By including different facets of the health spectrum employees can learn how to improve their emotional, physical, nutritional, preventive, and financial wellness.

Fitness Center Design

By understanding your business and your employees needs we can help you create a successful fitness environment. Whether it’s minimizing safety issues, or maximizing space for optimal functionality, the layout and design of a facility is critical. A fitness center should be consistent with the look, feel and character of the entire facility.

Pilates Mat Classes

Strengthen and lengthen your body while reducing stress with Pilates mat classes. Based on the principles of Joseph Pilates, this mind-body exercise can improve your core strength resulting in a stronger back, tighter abdominals, plus improved flexibility, and balance. Experience these benefits and more.

Worksite Wellness Programs – Healthy Performance Options

Prove that you can impact the health and productivity of your employees by participating in our series of topics based on your needs and culture. Fitness for Life’s programs offer the measurement and outcomes data your organization needs to demonstrate success.

Physical Activity

  • Group fitness evaluations
  • Fitness workshops
  • Team challenges

Be Smoke Free!

  • American Lung Association smoking cessation clinics
  • Tobacco-free campus campaigns
  • Great American Smokeout challenge
  • One-on-one Wellness Coaching

Nutrition Optimization

Let us help optimize your organization’s meal and snack options by designing nutritious, appealing selections for cafeteria and vending areas. We can coordinate nutrition team challenges and facilitate sound weight management classes, seminars, and webinars.

Sleep a good night sleep

A good night’s sleep is vital to our health. Quality sleep supports our ability to manage weight, emotions and life. Our 3-week program teaches employees best practices, including the role of relaxation techniques and realistic goal setting for optimal sleep.

Stress Management

  • Biometric/readiness screenings
  • Resiliency building workshops
  • Mindfulness training
  • Meditation & relaxation classes
  • Stress Management Resources