Monique G.

When I first started working for Avid, my office abutted the gym. I knew I should take advantage of the facility, but I procrastinated. I know how to do that well. The people I saw exercising awed me, as they seemed to know what they were doing. I was afraid to look awkward and worried that I would have problems mastering all the machines. Gail announced via e-mail that a new exercising session would begin. I mustered all my courage and timidly told her that I would be interested in joining. I told myself I could still back out if I felt really uncomfortable. I was not prepared for Gail’s enthusiasm and encouragement. I now exercise at least twice a week. Gail makes sure that I use the machines correctly; follows my progress very closely; and leaves me notes whenever she feels that I need to increase some weights. In no time at all I was comfortable and I made new friends. My clothes fit better; my muscles are getting bigger; and it is wonderful to be stronger. I swear I can almost feel my bones getting denser! But most of all I feel so much better mentally and physically as I am truly doing something good for myself. Not only is the facility wonderful (What a perk! Thank you Avid) But Gail’s guidance makes all the difference.

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