M. Rotering, President & CEO, Edgewood Retirement Community

Edgewood, a continuing care retirement community located in North Andover, MA has benefitted tremendously from the professional wisdom and passion of Gail Migliozzi. We are a typical healthcare organization that works tirelessly seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, serving others. As typical caregivers, we found most of our staff put their own well-being on the back burner to serve others first. Every employer wants their employees to be healthier but we just didn’t know where to begin! Thankfully, Ms. Migliozzi came into our community, and within three short years, she has transformed our lives. She educated our community about exercise, nutrition, and overall wellness. We are now a smoke free campus, with a self sustaining wellness program that our employees greatly appreciate. The employees of Edgewood feel it was Ms. Migliozzi’s influence that transformed their lives. When our community needed a personal cheerleader, she was there with both knowledge and encouragement.

Thank you Gail for your service and dedication to our community! We greatly appreciate all you have done. I would highly recommend you for any company seeking to improve overall employee wellness, which has resulted in improved productivity.

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