Lynne G.

Once I got into the Zone – I felt terrific! I had more energy. I felt less sleepy during the day–no more after lunch slumps. And best of all, I was not hungry all the time (I had been eating “three squares with heavy carbohydrates” daily and was hungry all the time). I was attracted to the Zone program because it seemed to emphasize balance. The idea of a moderate amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates in each meal just made good common sense to me. After only three days of strictly following the Zone, you can feel the positive results I describe. I don’t count my grams to death anymore (remember, it’s a range). I know when I am close, and I feel it when I get out of whack. If I am off, I trot over to the cafeteria for a glass of 1% milk (or some other “Zone remedy”) and in less than an hour I am feeling great again!

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