Esther R.

I think back to that day in early June when I walked through the wellness fair at Edgewood, and I met up with Gail, who was answering questions about a program offered by Edgewood. The program offered private life coaching by Gail who is a certified wellness coach. The program sounded interesting. So I said to myself, self what the heck why not. Edgewood is offering; why not take them up on it. So I signed up with her that day. I didn’t know it would involve soooo much homework, but I started with the 19 page wellness assessment. (Very enlightening).
After this large homework assignment I got to have my 1st meeting with Gail. This took place at Dunkin Donuts. (I know of all places right). But I did it, and Gail helped me set 3 month goals & weekly goals. I came away from that 1st meeting feeling torn. Do I want all that work or should I walk away? But I needed to take the challenge and go on the journey with Gail’s guidance, to find out just what I’m made of.
I have found that I have a lot of knowledge, but knowledge alone doesn’t do me any good without drive. And the challenge gives me drive and the goals give the challenge direction. At 1st I thought it was going to be all about weight, but through the journey I have found it is so much more. I have found throughout my life that I can lose weight, but I want to keep it off, be healthy and feel good about myself and what I do.
Gail has been able to pull me out of me. And allow me to plan my journey without realizing it’s really been me leading the way. Gail may make suggestions regarding directions, but I make the map for the journey and follow it.
This has been a great gift from Edgewood. And an enjoyable journey with Gail, this is something that has given me direction and the means to follow the map on the rest of my journey. Thank you Edgewood & Gail.

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