Esther R.

I think back to that day in early June when I walked through the wellness fair at Edgewood, and I met up with Gail, who was answering questions about a program offered by Edgewood. The program offered private life coaching by Gail who is a certified wellness coach. The program sounded interesting. So I said [...]

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Larry L.

Being from Texas, I’ve never really had a golf "off season", until I came to Massachusetts. I was talking to Gail one evening about the benefits of golf specific exercises that I could do to improve my game, while not actually playing. In just a few short weeks, I have increased my drive by a [...]

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Monique G.

When I first started working for Avid, my office abutted the gym. I knew I should take advantage of the facility, but I procrastinated. I know how to do that well. The people I saw exercising awed me, as they seemed to know what they were doing. I was afraid to look awkward and worried [...]

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Lynne G.

Once I got into the Zone - I felt terrific! I had more energy. I felt less sleepy during the day--no more after lunch slumps. And best of all, I was not hungry all the time (I had been eating "three squares with heavy carbohydrates" daily and was hungry all the time). I was attracted [...]

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Joelle F.

The truth is, I don't like exercising much! However, I hate being out of shape even more. So, last fall I decided to join the exercising program under Gail's supervision and careful monitoring. The benefits have been very positive. I am physically stronger, my energy level has increased and I am less stressed. Consistently doing [...]

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M. Rotering, President & CEO, Edgewood Retirement Community

Edgewood, a continuing care retirement community located in North Andover, MA has benefitted tremendously from the professional wisdom and passion of Gail Migliozzi. We are a typical healthcare organization that works tirelessly seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, serving others. As typical caregivers, we found most of our staff put their own [...]

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Kathy M.

If you are looking for a personal coach, that is PERSONAL, Gail is the one for you! She works with you on a professional level, with a personal touch. I have struggled with weight loss for years. I worked out at one of those "just for women gyms" for six months with a personal trainer, [...]

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Dan F.

I decided to try the Fresh Start Smoking Cessation class offered at my company because I never quit smoking more than 6 months on my own. I wanted to permanently quit this time and thought it would be better to try roughing it out with others. The classes were helpful because I learned that others [...]

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Janet S.

Fortunately for me I attended the company’s health and wellness event where Gail was the fitness director. I took a fat/muscle test and learned my fat ratio was too high. Gail convinced me to attend one of her classes at the gym. I agreed, halfheartedly, to attend one class. With Gail’s encouragement and motivational skills [...]

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Scott S.

When it comes to changing habits and getting back in shape, nothing beats a good partner to keep you on track. Gail is the perfect partner, prodding, guiding, goading, coaxing...whatever it takes for me to reach my health and fitness goals. We got together 6 months ago and designed my vision, motivations, and goals. There's [...]

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