Did you know that our bodies are about 2/3 water? Often times we reach for food (usually junky sweets, and empty carbs for quick energy) when we think we’re hungry.

But, mild hunger can be a sign of dehydration so drink up instead! Minimize the caffeinated beverages and stick with those that provide real hydration. If you’re a coffee drinker try half decaf next time.

How Much Water?

We’ve all heard of the 8, 8 oz glasses rule, but new recommendations (even Dr. Oz) point to consuming half your body weight in ounces. Now, this doesn’t mean all in one day, but build up to more water and reap the benefits of better weight management and energy to name a few.

We often reach for caffeine which only exacerbates the issue. Fatigue can be a sign that your body is getting dehydrated too – we need a lot of water for optimal functioning so drink up again!

Think Vegetables!

Your fruits and veggies are 80-90% water as well so be sure to add plenty of them! Think brightly colored and try a new one every time you go to the grocery store.

Tip to challenge yourself to drink more: place 4 rubber bands on the top of your water bottle and as you drink one, press it down to the bottom. Your goal is to have all 4 bands at the bottom by the end of the day!

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