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Professional Development 
Convenient, onsite workshops.

• Healthy Caregiving and Compassion Fatigue
• Enhancing Provider-Patient Communication for Better Outcomes
• Preventing Staff Burnout by Recognizing Organizational 
   Compassion Fatigue

Education is a key element in making sustainable behavior change. Choose from 
a variety of wellness and staff development workshops for your employees.  

​• Exercising to Improve Cardiovascular Health
• Too Busy Not to Stay Fit  
• Women on Weights
• You Can Stay Fit on the Road
• Building a Healthy Back
• Zone Nutrition Weight Management 8 Week Class
• Nutrition Basics
• Sugar Busters
• Balanced Meal Planning
Stress Management
• The Stress Management Pyramid of Positive Changes
• Take Time to Relax, But How?! 

General Health 
​• Self-Care for the Family Caregiver
• Healthy Habits for Managing Blood Pressure
​• Sweet Dreams Better Sleep​ Program
​• Making New Health Habits Stick!
Smoking Cessation
• American Lung Association Smoking Cessation Clinic

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