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Rate Your Readiness to Change Your Exercise Habits:

          1.  I'm not even think about exercising.
          2.  I'm thinking about exercising.
          3.  I'm exercising some but not regularly.
          4.  I'm exercising regularly for 3-6 months.
          5.  I'm exercising regularly for 6 months or longer.

Choose step #3 to see the steps our wellness coaching guides you through so realistic and sustainable exercise is part of your healthy lifestyle. Gauge your readiness to change any health habit!

“When I started with Gail I was eating unhealthy, overweight, and had little energy. After a few weekly meetings, an exercise regimen and a food intake makeover, I was on the right track. Gail and I met every week and reviewed my successes, challenges, caloric intake and my weight loss. By the end of 3 months, I lost 2 pants sizes and almost 25 pounds. Being given the right tools and knowhow from Gail has just changed my life and eating habits.                      
                                        -Christine G.

For more information about how wellness coaching can benefit you, or to arrange a convenient time to get started please contact Gail at or call 603.548.5554.
Fitness for Life Worksite Wellness Consulting
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Self-change is a staged process. We move from not even thinking about changing a behavior to thinking about it, to planning to change, and then testing out ways to do it before we actually start.  Whether your health priority is managing stress better, healthier nutrition, regular exercise or quitting smoking, choose step #3  as an example of the coaching steps you will take to achieve sustainable healthy lifestyle changes. 

 FREE Coaching Consultation
Free 15 minute phone consultation.
Call to learn what you can gain from  a supportive partner! 
Find out more!
1. Global Advances in Health & Medicine:  "Wellcoaches Wellness Coaching for 
 Obesity": A Case Report"

2. Global Advances in Health & Medicine:
Wellness Coaching at Mass General Hospital
Email gail@fitnessforlifecoaching for this 
amazing physician success story.

Ready to Get Started?
What's your wellness priority?
The Wellness Wheel
 Take Your Strengths Inventory!

See important details below!
​Current research indicates that you are most likely to value a job, relationship, hobby or institution that aligns with your core signature strengths but allows you to use them regularly. Do you want to boost your long-term happiness? Exciting research indicates that one of the best ways is to use your strengths in new ways and situations, rather than focusing on your weaknesses. This is well in keeping with the positive psychology philosophy: regularly focus on the positive in your life, not the negative! Remember the 'glass half full' way of life.

Take your strengths inventory here:  It will take you about 15-20 minutes but it is well worth your time. See Engagement Questionnaires in the middle blue box.

(Note: you will have to register on University of Pennsylvania's Authentic Happiness website first to take the test, but stick with it. It's a short form that should take only a few minutes to complete).
What are my Signature Strengths?
If you're ready to take realistic steps to finally create sustainable lifestyle change then this is the right program for you.  Your  initial 90 minute session includes review of your completed well-being assessment and identification of your priorities for your long term wellness vision.  You'll also decide what 3-month and first weekly goals you're ready to commit to. Each weekly meeting we'll review goals and celebrate successes while you define challenges to brainstorm about and your next week's goals. 

Three months or twelve weekly sessions are recommended to identify priorities, learn a new and positive perspective for lasting change, and feel energized and confident to address your health priorities.  As the ultimate result, you will be inspired and challenged to go beyond what you would do alone. Choose the combination of initial design session and weekly session packages that are right for you: 

       • Initial 90-minute design session  
       •  (2)  30-minute sessions with goals emailed or,
       •  (4)  30-minute sessions with goals emailed 
       •  Free texts/emails between sessions. 
       •  Complimentary travel within 15 minutes of Windham, NH 

To help you keep track of your plan and vision, you will 
receive a folder after our first session together:

       • Documentation of your vision, 3-month goals, weekly goals
       • If necessary, a medical release, with doctor's input and
         physical activity recommendations. 

 Take the first step in reaching your wellness goals! Call 603.548.5554

 Individual: I'm Ready to Change! Program
Group Wellness Coaching: by Phone or In-Person

Are you ready to experience change through the power of group support? Then 
contact Gail to discuss programming options for your group via telephone conference line or 'live':

       •  (2) 15 minute individual sessions with wellness assessment
       •   6  weekly 75 minute sessions
       •  Personal wellness assessment
       •  Weekly accountability emails
       •  Private group Facebook page


Am I Ready to Change?
Group Coaching: is a partnership between the coach and participants with similar goals or backgrounds that are ready to make healthy lifestyle changes. If you have ever experienced the power of a group then you know the higher levels of support and success you can realize! If you’re new to group coaching then get ready to experience the proven coaching process with like-minded people. Participants start by outlining their goals and mapping specific steps to take to achieve them. Using proven coaching tools each week we’ll check in on your progress since we last spoke.  

What Will Happen During Our Group Sessions? We will begin each group session with a check-in to see how you are doing and the progress that you have made on your personal goals since we last met. A weekly topic will be introduced or a question will be asked so the group can share how it is relevant to their own success. Each group member will make a commitment to the group to move forward with steps between sessions to get them closer to their goals. Gail will help you identify actions or lessons learned about yourself that helped you succeed. She is also available with email or text support for questions you may have between sessions.

It’s Easy to “Meet”!
Telephonic groups: Save time when we meet for our telephone conference calls – no travel involved! Get comfortable and find a quiet place to join us without distraction to get the most out of your coaching time.

Worksite Wellness Groups
Offer  support and accountability with your worksite wellness  program.  Convenient, on-site coaching  classes from 4-12 weeks.

Private Groups
Organize a private group of 6-8 individuals and receive your complimentary coaching for yourself.

How Much Does it Cost? Group coaching is a cost-effective alternative to one-on-one coaching and there's nothing like the support, accountability, and motivation from the group! Call 603.548.5554 for fees and to get started.
Professional coaches have long been recognized for their skills in helping athletes and executives perform at their best. Now professional wellness coaches are helping people uncover their natural impulse to be well. Coaches help us harness the strengths we need to overcome our obstacles, helping us to view obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow. By accepting and meeting us where we are today, then asking us to take charge, coaches guide us in doing the mindful thinking and doing work that builds confidence.  

"I am passionate about coaching and engaging you to work confidently past obstacles, and stay motivated for a lifetime of healthy habits!  " - Gail

For more see What is Wellness Coaching?

well.ness (wel'nes) 
  Optimal physical and mental health

  coach (kohch)   
  Your partner in reaching peak wellness 

​"Am I ready to change?" By first answering this question honestly, you are taking the most important step in achieving peak wellness to:

 • Feel fit and strong  
 • Enjoy eating healthfully
 • Have robust health 
 • Be fully engaged w/life
 • Be at your ideal weight
 • Have high energy 
 • Have an optimistic state of mind

6-Week Group Coaching Class by Phone